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then the frustration, when this doesn’t work and a sharp poke in the ribs seems to do the trick. but getting back to sleep is a problem for me. in the morning he usually isn’t aware what has gone on, but is probably confused to how his ribs are bruised! when working on an antenatal (pre-natal) ward at night, as a midwife, it is usually very noisy with lots of pregnant ladies snoring away, and very tunefully as well.

trying to sleep in hospital at the best of times is difficult, but snoring doesn’t help. be aware of sleep apnoea if you are pregnant, as this is very similar to regular sleep apnoea. this can increase your chance of having pregnancy problems and also could have problems for your baby as well. speak to your midwife or doctor, about pregnancy sleep apnoea and they can evaluate and treat you for this.

but when you are pregnant you may find that you start to snore more often and do so more noisily than you ever did before. can pregnancy cause snoring? is snoring in pregnancy anything to worry about? and is there anything you can do yourself about snoring during pregnancy? it is perfectly normal to snore during pregnancy and it’s usually nothing to worry about. snoring in pregnancy can begin at any time, but your chances of snoring increase as your baby grows.

so, by your third trimester you are more likely to experience snoring in pregnancy than right at the beginning. generally, snoring during pregnancy is nothing to worry about and you can ease the problem with a few simple lifestyle changes. if you think you may have sleep apnoea then it is important that you contact your gp, as it has been linked to an increased risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, and may increase the likelihood of you having a caesarean section. if it is diagnosed then you could be given something called a cpap machine to help with the problem. obviously you may not be aware of having sleep apnoea, so speak to your partner and ask them if you are displaying any symptoms that may be a cause for concern. you are advised to seek professional medical advice if you have any concerns or suspect you have a medical problem.

both warm and cool-mist humidifiers help with nasal congestion, the leading cause of snoring in pregnant women. humidifiers are best as an extra use a humidifier – running a humidifier can reduce the congestion in your nasal passages, helping you breathe easier through your nose to reduce the likelihood snoring during pregnancy may just be an annoying issue. while these home remedies may work, it’s still a good idea to let your doctor, .

when pregnant position yourself to sleep on your side, preferably the left side, relieving the pressure off your main arteries and veins, which will increase how to treat your snoring make sure you’re still making healthy lifestyle choices during your pregnancy. this means avoiding alcohol and tobacco – and trying what can i do to prevent snoring during pregnancy? sleep on your side – sleeping on your back is known to make snoring worse as it compresses, . the following steps can help prevent snoring during pregnancy:stick on a nasal strip at bedtime.use a warm-mist humidifier in your bedroom at night.try sleeping on your side. plump up your pillows and snooze with your head slightly elevated.

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