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whether it’s keeping your partner awake or waking you up through the night, snoring can impact you and your relationships. let’s unpack a little behind the reasons we snore (this might open some door in your mind) and what you can do to effectively help it. but in fact, it’s commonly caused when the tissues in the back of the throat become loose and floppy. it’s at this point that the condition can cause serious health risks and you should see someone about it as soon as possible. the treatment involves using a special type of laser to deliver rapid bursts of ‘heating energy’ to the back of the throat. the effect of the heating is to tighten and firm collagen fibres.

when we heat the spring up, this restores strength and tension to the fibres, helping to stop the back of the throat collapsing backwards and vibrating when you’re asleep, reducing your snoring. this generally occurs when the candidate is overweight with nasal problems or has low level of underlying health and fitness. when we discuss nightlase with you, we are trying to match the right treatment to the right patient to maximise our chances of success. this is why we do a detailed consultation before your treatment, setting you up to ensure you get the best results possible. you will need a full cycle in order for the treatments to be effective this means a total of 3 sessions at: each treatment takes around 20-30 minutes and you can get back to your normal activities straight away with absolutely no restrictions. it might be time for you to improve your sleep, increase your energy, boost your relationship and perform even better at work just by fixing your snoring of sleep apnoea!

please complete this form and one of our friendly team will get in touch with you to arrange a complimentary consultation. checking with your insurance company is always a good step to start with, because coverage for procedures varies depending on the type of insurance coverage you have. laser treatment used at snoring laser care is called nightlase. this allows the airway to open, making it easy to breathe, and reduces snoring and sleep apnea.

on average, each treatment is around $950 per treatment. depending on your health insurance policy, you may be eligible for a rebate up to $200. once the assessment is complete, our team will come up with a treatment plan and discuss cost. our team will discuss any concerns or questions you may have. we work with each patient to come up with a treatment plan that is customized to fit each patient’s needs.

the average cost of sleep apnea surgery without insurance is $6,400 to $10,000. this cost represents minor surgical procedures on the nose, throat or mouth. with insurance, snoring surgery can cost several hundred dollars at a minimum to upwards of several thousand dollars, depending on the what’s the cost of traditional snoring surgery? traditional snoring surgery costs anywhere from $2,000.00 to $10,000.00 and in some cases more. laser treatments, .

surgery is usually covered when your snoring is caused by a diagnosable medical condition, like obstructive sleep apnea. with insurance, snoring surgery may cost several hundred to several thousand dollars. without insurance, it may cost up to $10,000. however, this device is uncomfortable to wear throughout the night. hence, the patient compliance is low. the cost may range from rs. 5000-25,000. oral cost of laser snoring treatments expect to pay anything between $500 to $1000 per session for nightlase, depending on where you go and who you nightlase is usually a self-pay treatment, but is affordable. in some cases it costs less than other oral appliances or machines. on average,, .

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