Software evaluation template

Software evaluation template is a sample document that shows the software evaluation process, software evaluation procedure that assess the software functionality, usefulness and effectiveness. A well drafted software evaluation sample can help both software engineers to facilitate the software development process.

Software Evaluation Format

Software evaluation need to the software development process. For the software, there are difficulties in defining the quantitative metrics of software quality. The difficulties may be solved by the approach that focused on the evaluation of the quality of the development process. The rationale that stands behind this approach is based on a hope that if things are done right, than the results will also be right. An important advantage of such a process-centric approach is that it gives the auditor an opportunity to formulate recommendations on what to improve in the development process.

Software evaluation need to consider the software evaluation criteria. There are two important aspects of software evaluation: reliability and maintainability. Reliability is defined as the ability of software to maintain a specified level of performance within the specified usage conditions. Maintainability describes the ease with which the software product can be analyzed, changed and tested. The capability to avoid unexpected effects from modifications to the software is also within the scope of this characteristic.

Software Evaluation Template Outline

There are evaluation sample you can download for reference, however, you can create your own software evaluation sample based on your own evaluation standards and requirements. During the development process, it is key to considering the software evaluation format, software evaluation layout and software evaluation outline.

The first key part in the software evaluation template is the software evaluation background information. In the section, you need to show the software evaluation objectives, software evaluation purpose and goals, you may also give basic introduction and information about the software development.

The second key part in the software evaluation sample is the software evaluation criteria and factors. In the section, you need to show clear instruction on the overall requirements, the weighting factors. You may give your customized assessment standards and the assessment criteria. For example, the First assessment criteria:__; The weighting factors:___; The Total Score:__.

The last key part in the software evaluation form is the assessor name and comments. In the section, you may show the basic information about the person who conduct the assessment and any additional comments etc.