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study roster template is a study roster sample that gives infomration on study roster design and format. when designing study roster example, it is important to consider study roster template style, design, color and theme. so how do you develop the right study practices to return the best marks? if you find it difficult to study at home, it may be a good idea to explore other settings, such as the local library, your school, or even a café. having a visual representation of the week ahead will allow you to prepare and schedule your study sessions appropriately. this will identify your priorities, how many hours you can devote to studying, and create a timeline for reaching your goals. scheduling your classes and extracurricular activities into your timetable will allow you to physically see where you can fit in your study sessions.

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if you’re looking for the right study timetable for you, you can download our universal study timetable then customise it to your needs and learning goals. during busy periods of study there never seems to be enough time for the basic things, such as sleeping, eating and exercising. also important to note, having a bit of light music in the background if it helps you study is not the same thing as leaving the tv on. creating a study planner and implementing our top study tips can help you fulfil your academic potential. our personalised online learning platform and expert tutors can help you with specialised exam prep or to target areas in which you might be struggling.

do you prefer to study alone, or in a group? figure out which elements make you feel most comfortable, and then create that environment in some way, every time you study. now that you have the perfect environment, plan out your week of study. maybe study different subjects each day, or do different types of work in each session (for example written work, drawing diagrams, reading and annotating). maybe you’ve re-read your essay twenty times and you’re going cross-eyed. just be sure to ask for feedback before your essay is due, so you can learn about where you might need a bit more practice, and make the changes before handing your work in. what are you waiting for, study guru?

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you might already have free access thanks to your uni, tafe or school. stare out the window, go for a little walk, do a dance, grab a glass of water or cup of tea. watch your favourite show, call your friends, play a game, eat some gummi bears. whatever it is that will motivate you to get through the study session. ask your mates to quiz you, and don’t stop until you can get through a full set of questions without a mistake (or sign in to studiosity if there’s one thing you’d like to chat through!). so when you want to better understand a concept or check you’re on the right track, we’re here for you. studiosity acknowledges the traditional indigenous custodians of country throughout australia, and all lands where we work, and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture.

one of the best ways to make sure we’ve got the time to study is to create a study timetable. before you cringe at the term, check out the 3 steps below for making a study timetable that you will actually stick to. by putting in the study blocks first, students overcommit to hours that are unrealistic and that can’t be adhered to. nobody wants to live life on such a tight schedule, but getting a rough estimation of when you do things will be a good start. once you have identified the key times for activities, you can move to step 2.  once you have identified all the leisure and extra-curricular activities, the next step is to put those activities into the study timetable (click on the timetable above to access a digital version). by reversing the process of organising a study timetable (fun stuff first, study second), we reverse the perception of a study-timetable. in turn, this means you’re willing to study in those periods because you know that you are not sacrificing the things that you want to do. if you can stick to the timetable 60% of the time, that should be considered a ‘win’.

sometimes you will get to a study timeslot and you will just feel like relaxing – that’s fine! a great way to get around this is to print/email your study timetable, give your parents a copy and say “this is my plan. alternatively, you can even sit down and make the timetable together. this will help your parents see that you’re being responsible and it will also keep you accountable because they now have a copy too. remember to update it every couple of weeks so that it stays relevant to you life! hi terence, if you head to ‘step 2’ and click on the image, you’ll see it will open in a new tab in your browser. good luck 🙂 hi there, if you click on the image of the timetable it will open in a new window and you’ll be able to download the template. click on the second picture of the study the timetable, to download it.