sunday night insomnia

monday morning comes too fast, especially if you suffer from a sleep-draining affliction that creeps in the night before. what is it about sunday nights in particular that handicaps so many of us? according to a 2015 uk survey covered in the daily mail, concerns about a tough morning commute fuel sunday-night anxiety for many. anxiety about these meetings kicks in while we’re cursing the end of the weekend the night before, snowballing into insomnia. no matter the sort of job, simply knowing you have to face a new week can generate anxiety. a similar study in 2008 found that 60% of workers get their worst sleep on sunday nights.

it’s no coincidence that sunday nights are the showcase for the best tv has to offer. as we all know, the later you stay in bed sunday morning, the harder it is to get to sleep earlier sunday night. if you do that the entire weekend, it takes some effort to get the sleep machine back in gear. sleep researchers have examined the symbiotic relationship between anxiety and insomnia, and the verdict is that the less sleep we get, the more likely we are to experience anxiety. the strongest takeaways from sleep research suggest that addressing anxiety directly is the best way to minimize the sleeplessness it produces (though how you choose to tackle anxiety is a much bigger discussion). unfortunately there are no easy answers, but perhaps at least knowing that many, many others are feeling the sunday-night blues along with you might make it a little easier to handle.

you know in your mind that you need to be rested for the work week ahead, but your body is unwilling to cooperate. if you sleep like a baby throughout the week but struggle to get any shuteye before monday morning, you might have sunday night insomnia. thankfully, there are steps to follow to regain control of your weekend sleep routine and ensure that sunday night sleeplessness doesn’t haunt your monday morning. a smart idea is to journal about your goals for the week so that you get them out of your head. in many cases, the reason you don’t feel tired when you crawl into bed is that your melatonin levels aren’t where they should be.

you’ll start to feel sleepy as your melatonin levels increase. you don’t have to live with lower than average melatonin levels if they are contributing to your sunday night insomnia syndrome. melatonin isn’t the only ingredient to look for in your sunday night insomnia supplement though. survey results from our previous customers show that our natural sleep supplement helped them fall asleep faster and wake up less during the night, so consider this natural supplement as a solution for your sunday night sleeplessness. visit the restored blog for more practical guidance to help restore your foundations in sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset. the same effective formula, designed to support the full sleep cycle.

sunday night insomnia (or “sunday-somnia” as some have called it) deprives us of sleep when we arguably need it the most–while we’re already another contribution to poor sleep on sunday night is our circadian rhythm. we have a natural tendency toward sleep that is synchronized to the tips to control sunday night insomnia syndrome make your bedroom dark, chilly, and comfortable stay away from caffeine after 2 pm each day don’t sleep in too, .

according to sleep research, one of the best ways to cut down on sunday night insomnia is by addressing any possible sources of anxiety directly, maintaining a regular sleep schedule throughout the entire week (instead of burning the midnight oil on the weekends), and reducing the amount of time that you spend in front it has to do with our circadian rhythms. we often change our sleep schedules when the weekend begins. after five days in a row of needing to get to sleep early, we may decide to enjoy ourselves and stay up late. we might go out, be social, or do something else fun that keeps us up past our usual bedtime. top tips for overcoming sunday night sleep problems. by psychologist and insomnia expert, dr steve orma. 1. have a regular wake-up time. the biggest single tip the main culprit is what’s known as social jet lag. “if you do this two days in a row, you end up with sunday night insomnia.” another factor a recent survey revealed that 10% of sunday night insomnia cases are caused by worrying about the next day’s commute, which is a cause of stress, .

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