tamoxifen insomnia

i am 33 and am on zoladex and tamoxifen and i think i’ve had one good night’s sleep in 3 months. only been trying them the past week. it is sending me loopy with no sleep and trying to work. welcome to the forum. there are some other diet and general tips here to help with the hot flushes. do you have hands and feet that ache? i’m on a sleep program at the moment, over 6 weeks so if anything comes out, i’ll let you know. that would be great if you get any tips on the sleep programme. it comes and goes, but i don’t know what is triggering it. i sometimes.still get out of breath going up the stairs. but i can walk for long periods and be fine sometimes.

i want to run a 10k before the 6th of september so i can get my manchester 10k medal but walking can be tough sometimes so i’ll see. i am trying with a mini fan during the night of i’m struggling and a cool pillow thing. i’ll persevere with the tamoxifen for a couple of months and if there is no improvement i’ll see if i can switch to the other one. i’m 3 weeks into tamoxifen and the hot flushes are awful it feels like i’m gonna collapse i get so hot and literally sweat so bad. today i had enough and have phoned the doctor for a call back for advice on whether i can take anything to help me sleep, even for a couple of nights. i go through waves where i feel like i’m handling it and waves where i feel like i’m at the end of my tether. and i’ve always slept no problem before, so it is a bit of a shock to the system. and we thought we’d gotten to the end of it all and then these side effects hit. and there is just not enough energy for more ****. we are through the worst. i know we will get there. it is okay if we have moments where it feels like it is too much.

the binding of tamoxifen to estrogen receptors has a profound effect on normal feedback processes. it induces the hypothalamus to sense a falsely high estrogen level, resulting in the cessation of ovarian stimulation. the incidence of endometrial hyperplasia in women taking tamoxifen was almost 12% in women with prior endometrial lesions, as compared to 0.7% in women without endometrial lesions at the time of initiation of tamoxifen. tamoxifen raises the risk of endometrial cancer in post-menopausal women who have not had a hysterectomy, but not in premenopausal women. there is a 2-3% risk of endometrial cancer over the 15 years after the start of tamoxifen therapy in older women, as calculated for 5 years of tamoxifen adjuvant therapy.

the risks of endometrial cancer and of vte are increased with the duration of tamoxifen therapy. side effects of tamoxifen. “side effects of tamoxifen”. 2021. side effects of tamoxifen. please note that medical information found on this website is designed to support, not to replace the relationship between patient and physician/doctor and the medical advice they may provide.

insomnia is different. if you frequently can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, or don’t get enough sleep to be rested, you may have insomnia i am 33 and am on zoladex and tamoxifen and i think i’ve had one good night’s sleep in 3 months. i’m currently trying sage, sunflower oil, a other related hypoestrogenic symptoms include night sweats, dryness or excessive discharge from the vagina, memory lapses, depressive symptoms, and reduced, tamoxifen insomnia reddit, tamoxifen insomnia reddit, what sleep aid can i take with tamoxifen, sleep issues tamoxifen, tamoxifen side effects.

between 15% and 55% of patients taking tamoxifen report insomnia,3 even in the absence of a mood disorder. antidepressants prescribed to breast cancer patients taking tamoxifen for depressive syndromes may fail to produce improvement in their insomnia, whereas other symptoms improve frequently. background: insomnia is a frequent adverse effect reported by women taking tamoxifen, an estradiol receptor-antagonist, for breast cancer. objective: the authors report on six patients treated with quetiapine, an atypical antipsychotic, for tamoxifen-related insomnia without depression. sleep disorder breast cancer, drug: tamoxifen oral tablet insomnia severity index (isi) [ time frame: study enroll~12 months ]. hi lovely ladies does anyone else suffer from insomnia when taking tamoxifen? i’m posting this at 3am and still haven’t slept despite re: tamoxifen & insomnia. annie. hope the nytol works for you, i may consider the same route as i’m at a loss what else to do., melatonin and tamoxifen, does tamoxifen kill cancer cells.

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