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thesis proposal template is a thesis proposal sample that gives infomration on thesis proposal design and format. when designing thesis proposal example, it is important to consider thesis proposal template style, design, color and theme. after a faculty member has agreed to serve as a thesis advisor, the student should meet with them to narrow the topic or research question to a manageable scope, and identify an appropriate hypothesis or thesis question. students and committee members should refer to the honors thesis proposal guidelines for proposal requirements. the faculty advisor and other committee members should also determine whether institutional review board (irb) approval is required for the project and submit the appropriate application on behalf of the student. if a project warrants irb review, approval must be obtained prior to submitting the thesis proposal and the irb number included in the written proposal. refer to the university irb website for training, application, and additional resources (.edu).

thesis proposal format

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honors theses and their authors are subject to the byu academic freedom policy. every university places some limitations on academic freedom, and at byu reasonable limitations are in place for behavior or expression that: once all thesis committee members have reviewed the proposal and the student has completed any required revisions, committee members sign the proposal submission form and the student submits the form, with a complete copy of the proposal, to the honors program office (102 msrb) for executive committee review and approval. do not wait to turn in a proposal after completing a project or major portion of it. the honors program will notify the student and thesis committee with approval – typically within two weeks of submission. all email correspondence pertaining to honors theses must include the student’s full name and preferably net id. specific language required is noted in the relevant form.