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thesis timeline template is a thesis timeline sample that gives infomration on thesis timeline design and format. when designing thesis timeline example, it is important to consider thesis timeline template style, design, color and theme. students who want to have help finding a research lab should contact the program academic advisor. following the meeting, the student should e-mail and cc the advisor stating that s/he is planning to complete an honors thesis and a draft title. students should work with their advisor to write a 2-4 page thesis proposal document. the thesis proposal should have the following sections: the proposal should be sent to the thesis advisor (faculty member in charge of the lab) at least 3.5 months prior to planned graduation so that the advisor can review the document before the student sends it along to the committee and to the academic advisor (step 1d). at least two members of the thesis committee must be full-time faculty at carnegie mellon university, including at least one person who holds the rank of tenure-track assistant professor or higher in either the department of biological sciences or the computational biology department; if the thesis advisor is not a tenure-track professor, then at least one other member of the committee must be.

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the thesis committee and academic advisor should be consulted by the student and/or advisor when challenges arise. a formal progress report is due to the committee and academic advisor 3 months prior to graduation. the thesis should have the following sections: the thesis defense must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to graduation. once a date and time are selected the student should work with either the academic advisor or the thesis advisor to reserve a suitable room that can seat at least 10 people (or more if the student expects more). 1-2 weeks following the defense, any requested revisions need to be submitted to the thesis committee and the academic advisor.

here is a typical schedule: below includes some more in-depth information, suggestions, and information for completing the different steps of the honors thesis. sign up for an advising appointment to meet with a potential faculty thesis advisor to discuss your topic and how you might use credits to fulfill major requirements. you will ask a faculty member who has expertise in your topic to serve as your advisor. with your advisor, complete and submit the honors thesis agreement form. this form confirms that a faculty member has agreed to be your advisor, and that the advisor and the director of the asian studies program approve your proposed topic.

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students enrolled in clark honors college (chc) may complete a single thesis for both chc and asian studies as long as the content is asia focused and as long as the minimum asian studies honors thesis requirements are met. in order to become familiar with the literature and articulate your intended methods, students should write a 6-8 page prospectus (double-spaced except for bibliography section). you will submit your prospectus to your faculty thesis advisor, so we recommend that you check in with them to determine the best approach. the first step is to conduct a literature search to 1) become familiar with what is known and not known about your topic, 2) write your prospectus introduction, 3) refine your methods, and 4) find literature that might be helpful as you write your thesis. once your faculty thesis advisor has approved your thesis, ask them to sign the approval page (available on the asian studies website link here). append this signed page to the beginning of your thesis.

also think carefully about what methodology or statistics courses it may be good to take in your junior year as preparation for research. if you are planning on writing a thesis, it is mandatory that you attend one of these. if your research will involve human subjects (even if you are just planning on interviewing people), you will need to complete the committee on the use of human subjects (cuhs, also known as the institutional review board or irb) ethics training.

once you have completed the training, you will need to submit a decision form via the undergraduate research training portal (urtp) to have irb review your project and make a determination if further scrutiny is necessary. first meeting of gov 99: senior thesis writers’ workshop takes place (all thesis writers are required to take gov 99; exceptions are only made if you are a joint concentrator who is gov allied and your primary concentration has an equivalent course for thesis writers). please note that while gov 99 is graded sat/unsat, the course is taken seriously by the department and you will not be allowed to complete the thesis is you do not satisfactorily meet all the gov 99 requirements. 30+ pages of written work for the thesis to be submitted to your primary advisor (this, and the successfully completion of previous gov 99 assignments, is what your gov 99 grade is based on).