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time motion study template is a time motion study sample that gives infomration on time motion study design and format. when designing time motion study example, it is important to consider time motion study template style, design, color and theme. a detailed analysis of all the available literature is done in this paper to get knowledge about tms and its use in healthcare. a systematic understanding of the link between time and motion (tam) is provided through method study and work study. with this time study method for speeding up processes, he made a contribution to the developing field of “scientific management.” when the findings of researches were combined, it was found that it is difficult to compare the conclusions because of the significant discrepancies in the design, implementation, and data reporting of various tmss. in this paper, we had omitted editorials, comments, and reviews from the search as we were only interested in journal papers because time motion research procedures in empirical studies were of interest to us. according to the current review, a tms is a method used in business, healthcare, and other fields to assess the productivity of employees.

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the results of one study demonstrated that how employees use their time and how it differed in tribal and non-tribal location to boost worker productivity. the focus of this alternate perspective on nurses’ administrative work was how it was related to the scope and structure of nursing practices. the purpose of this study was to go beyond this framework and show that organizational factors, not time spent, were the primary determinant of nurses’ perceptions of documentation and organizational activities (doa) and its burdens [28]. while following the subject for a predetermined period of time, the observer meticulously records the time and the activities they are participating in. the primary objective of the anticipated actions in this series is to standardize tam research. copyright title- a four-pronged approach to assess the workflow of the health workers and identify the related promoters and challenges to optimize their work efficiency.