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time study template is a time study sample that gives infomration on time study design and format. when designing time study example, it is important to consider time study template style, design, color and theme. at time study, we believe that leveraging technology to optimize time is the future of work and the key to creating more value for the enterprise’s greatest resource, people. ourĀ platform uses machine learning to activate and transform enterprise data into real-time insights on how time is spent at work. time study, inc was founded in 2018 by kishau rogers, an award-winning technology entrepreneur and computer scientist with more than 25 years of experience deliver-ing software solutions to enterprises across the globe. with that early success, kishau built it into the company specializes in delivering innovative tools for studying time and analytics that provide actionable and timely insights with minimal disruption to a person’s standard workflow.

time study format

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as the founder and ceo of time study, kishau is the first black woman in the state of virginia to raise millions in venture capital to scale her tech startup. prior to joining time study, he was a co-founder of zapproved, a market-leading software company in legal technology. whitney has more than a decade of experience in value management; scaling operations within both start-ups and established enterprises to improve outcomes. in the first, she worked to develop a sustainable microfinancing function to support the educational work of their mission. she knows how to execute on objectives and has a deep history of demonstrated roi while amplifying results for customers.