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timeline research template is a timeline research sample that gives infomration on timeline research design and format. when designing timeline research example, it is important to consider timeline research template style, design, color and theme. this level of detail will show the reviewers you have carefully structured your project. however, the weeks need not be continuous, and you might elect to work fewer hours per week if that would be more appropriate to your particular situation. if you commit to fewer than 350 total project hours, your stipend amount will be prorated. remember that your proposal, timeline, and budget should work in concert to demonstrate the feasibility of your project. i will also be consulting regularly with graduate students in the lab working on related projects.

timeline research format

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timeline – jonathan husky work weeks will be 5 days per week (mon. in accordance with the policies of the institute of materials science, i will not be working in the lab in the absence of supervision from either a graduate student or instructor. we have scheduled weekly skype calls for the time i will be in brazil and biweekly meetings on campus upon my return. emily mcinerney ’15 (cahnr), a 2014 surf recipient, studied the greenhouse gas production of wetlands. kimberly rebello ’15 (clas) received a 2014 surf award in support of her study of the c8 and n2 deoxyguanosine adducts induced by the carcinogen 6-nitrochrysene. patrick lenehan ’15 (clas) studied the role of rna transcripts in the formation of centromere complexes in drosophila with a 2014 surf award.