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timetable university template is a timetable university sample that gives infomration on timetable university design and format. when designing timetable university example, it is important to consider timetable university template style, design, color and theme. you can access a personalised timetable at the start of each semester with the location, time and duration of all your tutorials, lectures and labs. this is a preview page, so won’t display your personalised choices at this stage. a few weeks before the start of each semester, you will then be allocated a personal timetable for the semester based on the units of study you’ve successfully enrolled in. this step is optional; you’ll still be allocated to classes even if you don’t enter preferences. once your timetable is available, log in to sydney timetable and select the ‘timetable’ tab. if you don’t see an ole unit on your timetable, check the unit outline to see how it’s delivered. check the weekly schedule section to see if there are any attendance requirements. you can also contact your unit of study coordinator (listed in the unit of study descriptions in your handbook).

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your current enrolment details are shown in the ‘enrolment’ box. select an activity to see the list of all the available classes. if you want to see the available classes for a unit of study you’re not enrolled in, you will need to use the search bar to find the unit. this tells you about your allocations and any actions to take. if you see ‘select’, it means this activity doesn’t clash with another class, and you can select it during the review and adjust period. if a unit is only offered as a single class and there aren’t alternative options for it, we’ll allocate you to that class and you’ll see the message ‘single option only’. please contact inclusion and disability services before the start of each semester if you’d like help arranging adjustments or access for your timetable. by registering you will gain access to the adjustments and services to support you to succeed in your studies. if you have an enquiry or need help with something else such as your enrolment, course etc you can contact the student centre.

if you have any problems working out your timetable or any queries about optional modules, please contact your department directly. your personal timetable shows you the teaching events for the modules you are enrolled on and which module class you’re assigned to. if you have back to back on-campus and online teaching events, you can either book study space so you have somewhere to go for your online teaching or you can locate a space on campus in areas such as the library or silberrad. you can check your departmental timetable to check that all the modules you are enrolled on are showing on your personal timetable. at the bottom of your online timetable click the ‘report a timetable problem’ button, which takes you to an online form to report your clash.

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if we are unable to resolve the clash, we’ll forward your query to your academic department to review and give you guidance on how best to proceed. you can use this timetable to see when teaching is scheduled while you are waiting for your personal timetable to be updated. at the bottom of your online timetable click the ‘request class change’ button, which takes you to an online form to report your clash. if the zoom link isn’t showing within 24 hours of the event please contact your department. if you find you don’t have much time between your on-campus and online teaching events, you can use one of the personal study spaces which you can book to work from. the timetabling and room booking team aims to produce an equitable and workable timetable, designed to meet defined constraints, including optionality within courses, and the availability of appropriate teaching rooms and facilities.