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the buzzing, whistling, or clicking sounds of tinnitus are annoying enough during the day, but they can be exasperating when you are trying to fall asleep. and if you can’t sleep because of tinnitus, you could find yourself in a vicious circle. repeated nights with poor sleep can make you feel emotionally drained: sleeplessness is also a factor in weight gain, chronic health conditions and accidents. and if you’re stressed out, that can aggravate your tinnitus, which makes it even more difficult to sleep – a vicious circle. but while these tools can be helpful, the real key to breaking the circle of tinnitus and insomnia is changing your attitude towards tinnitus, which can ultimately affect your experience of the tinnitus itself, says dr. robert sweetow.

“maybe there’s a refrigerator noise running in the background, or some traffic hum outside. you’re used to them.” as part of the widex zen therapy process, sweetow recommends starting with counselling. patients learn how tinnitus works in the brain, so they understand what’s going on when they start hearing that “buzz.” “tinnitus can be closely identified with fear, anxiety and depression,” sweetow says. they can provide emotional support and encourage the patient to keep up with his or her treatment program. for example, we have a much more extreme reaction to a sudden clap of thunder than we do to loud noises we can predict, like the crowd reaction after the winning point at a basketball game.” “in effect, you have to teach your brain that the sounds of tinnitus are not important, and that they can safely be ignored,” sweetow says.

the .gov means it’s official. the site is secure. sleep disturbance is a common and frequent complaint reported by tinnitus sufferers. the purpose of this study was to assess the reported prevalence and severity of sleep disturbance in chronic tinnitus patients.

mini sleep questionnaire (msq) scores for sleep disturbance were found to be higher than those of normal controls in 77% of the patients. highest msq scores in tinnitus patients with a sleep complaint were for delayed sleep, morning awakenings, mid-sleep awakenings, morning fatigue, and chronic fatigue. the self-rated severity of the tinnitus was greater in subjects with higher sleep disturbance scores. retrospective examination of sleep records and polysomnographic data for 10 patients with a complaint of chronic tinnitus revealed a combined effect for the tinnitus condition when associated with another conventional sleep disorder.

and if you can’t sleep because of tinnitus, you could find yourself in a vicious circle. insomnia causes stress: a lack of sleep impacts for people with tinnitus, silence is less than relaxing – it’s an opportunity for the ringing in their head to take over. this can cause sleep disturbance is a common and frequent complaint reported by tinnitus sufferers. recent studies have shown that when insomnia and depression are, .

a patient with tinnitus may not only have ringing in the ears but also a critical sleep disorder that can be life-altering when combined with tinnitus. the greater the tinnitus severity, the more likely the patient will have insomnia or a sleep problem. the presence of insomnia in tinnitus was associated with a more severe form of tinnitus. alarmingly, insomnia was mainly untreated despite insomnia amongst people with tinnitus is a complex state that is usually accompanied by anxiety. in the quiet environment that usually many people with tinnitus have difficulty sleeping. the impact of tinnitus on affected individuals is very similar to the impact of insomnia on those without, .

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