tongue disorders

your tongue may not be very big, but it has some major responsibilities. from time to time, the tongue may be affected by problems preventing it from doing a good job. as the national institutes of health (nih) points out, tongue problems can manifest in many different ways and show a variety of symptoms. pain in the tongue area is a common sign of a tongue problem or disorder. the tongue can also swell, change colour, or show changes in its texture. occasionally, bad breath can be a sign of tongue trouble.

for example, tongue disorders caused by germs or a fungus usually clear up after a course of antibiotics or antifungal medicines. other common causes of tongue problems include dietary choices, cancer, nerve damage, autoimmune disorders, trauma to the tongue (such as biting it), and hormonal changes. the treatment of tongue problems depends on the type of problem and its cause. correcting a nutritional problem or changing your diet may help to treat burning mouth syndrome. treating tongue cancer depends in part on the size of the tumor. if you suspect that you have a tongue problem, schedule an appointment with your dentist for an examination and diagnosis. they will look at your tongue and take a swab or culture to determine the cause of the issue.

tongue problems include a variety of symptoms, from pain to changes in color and texture, that can have many different causes. there are a variety of causes for common tongue symptoms. the majority of tongue problems aren’t serious and most can be resolved quickly. there are multiple factors that can cause a normally pink tongue to turn red.

in some instances, the tongue may even take on the appearance of a strawberry with enlarged, red taste buds dotting the surface. several things can cause it: your doctor can usually tell what’s wrong with your tongue by looking at it. they may want to test you for medical conditions that can cause tongue symptoms, like diabetes or a vitamin deficiency. if you have an underlying health condition, treating that can improve your symptoms. because some tongue problems can be linked to poor oral health, it’s important to take care of your mouth and teeth.

pain; swelling; changes in color or texture; abnormal movement or difficulty moving the tongue; taste problems. these problems can have many types of tongue disease black hairy tongue: often a result of poor oral hygiene, black hairy tongue is a condition where dead cells build up on the tongue’s oral thrush. also known as candidiasis, oral thrush is a yeast infection that develops inside the mouth. the condition brings on white patches, fissured tongue, fissured tongue, tongue pictures, geographic tongue, tongue ulcer.

top problems in your mouth cold sores thrush black hairy tongue canker sores leukoplakia lichen planus geographic tongue oral cancer. however, lesions on the tongue may indicate other more-serious conditions of the tongue or diseases affecting the body in general. learn about the types, causes, and diagnosis of tongue problems. overall health and rule out various disorders with a complete blood count (cbc) test., tongue infection, tongue cancer, signs of tongue disease, sore tongue treatment.

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