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dysuria is pain or discomfort when you urinate (pee). it’s a sign or symptom of an underlying health problem. urinary tract infections (utis) are commonly associated with dysuria. pain can occur at the start of urination or after urination. pain after your urination can be a sign of a problem with the bladder or prostate. internal pain can be a symptom of a urinary tract infection. dysuria can be a symptom of medical condition that may need to be treated. he or she may also ask about your sexual history to determine if an sti could be the cause of the pain.

your healthcare provider will also ask you about your current symptoms and obtain a clean catch sample of your urine. the presence of white blood cells tells your provider you have inflammation in your urinary tract. your provider may also take a swab sample of the lining of your vagina or the urethra to check for signs of infection (in women). painful urination for men and women may be the result of a sexually transmitted infections (stis) or the side effect of medications. the first step in your treatment is to determine if your painful urination is caused by infection, inflammation, dietary factors, or a problem with your bladder or prostate. you will likely choose to contact your healthcare provider because this symptom is uncomfortable. it’s important to see your provider to determine if your symptom is related to a urinary tract infection or another medical cause. policy cleveland clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. we do not endorse non-cleveland clinic products or services.

painful urination (dysuria) is a broad term that describes discomfort during urination. in those with a vagina, the perineum is the area between the anus and the opening of the vagina. it can also be due to inflammation of the urinary tract. this is because the urethra is shorter in those with a vagina. a shorter urethra means that bacteria have a shorter distance to travel to reach the bladder. people with a prostate may experience painful urination due to prostatitis. another cause of painful urination is cystitis or the inflammation of the bladder’s lining. painful urination can also be caused by epididymitis, or inflammation of the epididymis in those with a penis. it can cause pain in the abdomen, painful sex, and painful urination, among other symptoms.

obstructive uropathy is when an obstruction in the ureter, bladder, or urethra causes urine to flow back into the kidneys. certain medications, such as those for cancer treatments and some antibiotics, can have painful urination as a side effect. it can also be caused by products that you use in the genital regions. painful urination due to a bacterial infection usually improves fairly quickly after you start taking medication. learn about seven remedies for bladder infections that can ease symptoms and get rid of the infection. some of these… frequent urination is the need to go more than normal. remember, not all stis will become an… understanding the risks and knowing the signs of common stds is crucial for men who are sexually active. it’s not unusual to see a change of color in your urine. in some cases, you may need to see a doctor.

dysuria is a symptom of pain, discomfort, or burning when urinating. it is more common in women than in men. in men, it is more common in dysuria means you feel pain or a burning sensation when you pee (urinate). men and women of any age can experience dysuria, but it’s more painful urination may be a sign of a urinary tract infection (uti), it’s a primary cause of urinary burning, stinging, and discomfort., .

chances are, it has happened to you: you go to the bathroom and feel a burning sensation when you urinate. that feeling is a telltale symptom of a urinary tract infection (uti), and it’s one that most women are familiar with. utis are incredibly common. pain or discomfort during urination (dysuria) may feel like burning, stinging, or itching and is often caused by a bacterial infection or the most common reasons why it burns when you pee 1) you have a urinary tract infection (uti). 2) you have a sexually-transmitted infection (sti). 3) you a burning sensation with urination can be caused by infectious (including sexually transmitted infections, or stds such as chlamydia and gonorrhea) and, .

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