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a higher-than-usual number of cases of a type of heart inflammation has been reported following covid-19 vaccination, especially among young men following their second dose of an mrna vaccine, the centers for disease control and prevention said thursday. teenagers and people in their early 20s accounted for more than half of the myocarditis cases reported to the cdc’s safety monitoring systems following covid-19 vaccination, despite representing a fraction of people who have received the shots. the vast majority of the cases were sent home following a visit to a hospital as of the end of may. two of the patients in the icu had other health problems. the cdc had information on the recovery of patients in 220 cases; in more than 80 percent of these cases, patients got better on their own.

myocarditis is condition that involves inflammation of the heart muscle. the pain tends to abate when they lean back. generally, children who have myocarditis will follow up with a cardiologist for about six months to make sure there are no other significant problems. vaccine safety experts are always on the lookout for a range of possible side effects following any new vaccine. despite the increased number of reported myocarditis cases among young people, shimabukuro said, no major red flags have been identified. the cdc will hold a meeting of its advisory committee on immunization practices on june 18 to further look at the evidence and assess the risk of myocarditis following vaccination.

uc davis health cardiologist nayereh pezeshkian discusses covid-19, its impact on the heart, and the rare risk of developing heart complications after a covid-19 vaccine. these patients tend to have more severe symptoms and worse health outcomes. sudden death in covid-19 patients caused by arrhythmia can be a consequence of these heart problems. covid-19 is also associated with the inflammation of the vascular lining and an increased risk for blood clots forming in large blood vessels and small vessels, particularly in the heart and lungs. with covid-19, the right side of the heart must often work harder to pump blood to inflamed lungs filled with fluid and vessels filled with blood clots. this disease can show up as leg swelling and liver and kidney failure.

elderly patients and those with heart and vascular disease are at higher risk of severe covid-19 and even death. high-risk patients include those with the following conditions: these preexisting conditions, such as obesity and diabetes, intensify the role of the virus in causing inflammation and forming clots. the high-risk groups of elderly patients and those with cardiovascular risk factors accounted for the large majority of covid-related deaths early on, and that’s why their vaccination was prioritized. for people with these conditions, the vaccine is even more critical and can help to lower the risk of hospitalization and death. these cases have been mild and self-resolving. however, the chance of developing severe illness and death after a covid-19 infection is much higher (2-10%). at this time, most hospitalization – particularly to critical care – and deaths are related to unvaccinated groups.

learn about myocarditis and pericarditis after covid-19 vaccination. cdc still recommends that everyone aged 5 years and older get vaccinated. (142) more young adults than usual have reported heart inflammation following covid-19 vaccination, the cdc said thursday. the risks of acute myocarditis associated with sars-cov-2 mrna vaccination, especially in male teenagers, have raised great concern and garnered, .

uc davis health cardiologist nayereh pezeshkian discusses covid-19, its impact on the heart, and the rare risk of developing heart a new study of over 2.3 million people found only 15 cases of myocarditis occurred after getting a covid-19 shot, suggesting that while it can occur, can the covid-19 vaccine cause heart inflammation? yes, but experts aren’t sure what the link is, .

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