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low levels of vitamin b12 have been linked with fatigue and depression, but is there a link between vitamin b12 and insomnia? it is the largest and most structurally complex vitamin, and the only one to contain a metal ion, cobalt. low levels of vitamin b12 can also lead to anaemia. there are two possible causes of a vitamin b12 deficiency: inadequate intake, or inability to absorb it into the body. one of the reasons that vitamin b12 deficiencies are so common is that the symptoms are so broad and varied that it can be easily overlooked or mistaken for something else. high doses of b12 were successful in bringing the subjects’ sleep-wake cycles back into a normal range. research has also shown that people with higher levels of vitamin b12 are less likely to suffer from depression.

it is possible that a deficiency of b12 could lead to disrupted sleep patterns. this can lead to anaemia, a condition in which not enough oxygen is transported to the vital organs. while there is no evidence that b12 can provide an energy boost in those with healthy levels of the vitamin, increased levels of b12 in those with a deficiency may improve symptoms of fatigue. articles about vitamin b12 often refer to fortified products such as cereals that can provide a dietary source of b12. while some yeast spreads, soy milks and soy-based meat-replacement products are fortified with b12, it is recommended that vegetarians and vegans take a supplement in order to maintain adequate levels. vitamin b12 is not the only vitamin involved with healthy sleep. as with all aspects of our health, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced diet and to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

our study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of magnesium- melatonin-vitamin b complex supplement in the treatment of insomnia. magnesium is a muscle relaxant and inducer of the deeper sleep. contrary to that, there is clear evidence on the antidepressant effect of vitamin b12 [19] and vitamin b6 for therapy of hormone-related depression in women [20]. our study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of magnesium-melatonin-vitamin b complex supplement in the treatment of insomnia.

the results of this study demonstrate that supplementation with magnesium-melatonin-vitamin b complex for 3 months has a significant positive effect on sleep disturbances and is highly effective for the treatment of patients with insomnia. [8] examined the independent role of magnesium in the treatment of insomnia. however, vitamin b12 deficiency is known to be involved in the pathophysiology of depression, which can commonly be associated with insomnia [19]. our findings indicate that 3 months of the magnesium-melatonin-vitamin b complex supplementation has a beneficial effect in the treatment of insomnia regardless of cause.

vitamin b12 and insomnia have long been linked, however the research available remains inconclusive. several case studies have been published the direct relationship between insomnia and vitamin b12 levels is yet to be established. however, vitamin b12 deficiency is known to be involved in the the association of vitamin b12 (vitb12) with sleep patterns is also not definitive. some researchers found that vitb12 supplementation is, .

it has been found that the vitamin works directly on the brain to help induce sleep. vitamin b12 benefits have been demonstrated to help patients with sleep disorders, such as insomnia, who have difficulty falling asleep. it has also been shown to improve sleep in healthy individuals depending on the dose that is used. “individuals with circadian rhythm sleep disorder suffer from recurrent patterns of disrupted sleep that can significantly affect their daily functioning. evidence suggests that vitamin b12 supplements may have a beneficial effect on sleep patterns. as a sleep-wake regulator… the role of vitamin b12 is interesting. several studies have demonstrated that this vitamin is involved in regulating if tehere is a vit b12 deficiency in your body taking b12 preperats help to insomnia, but if there is high b12 level in serum, taking b12 cause b-12 deficiency can be linked to insomnia in several ways. depression is a mental symptom of b-12 deficiency. according to pubmed, depression can be a major, .

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