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work study download template is a work study download sample that gives infomration on work study download design and format. when designing work study download example, it is important to consider work study download template style, design, color and theme. not only do you help offset some of the expenses of your education and reduce your reliance on loans, but you earn vaulable opportunities to add to your resume. the federal work-study program is funded by both the department of education and une, and offers opportunities for on-campus, part-time employment to undergraduate students demonstrating financial need. your work-study earnings are paid to you directly and are not deducted from your bill. an additional advantage to working on campus is the enrichment of your college and practical work experience. for any questions or concerns regarding student employment and the federal work-study program, please contact student financial services at (207) 602-2342 or if you are hiring for an institutional work (iw) program position, confirming fws eligibility is not required. if you still wish to proceed with the position through iw, you must confirm available funds with your department head.

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please be mindful of which schedule you will adhere to and which timesheets you’ll submit for your students. before you are authorized to begin working in the work-study program, an authorization must be completed by your hiring supervisor. any student or supervisor with questions about the authorization process should contact student financial services at or (207) 602-2342 for additional guidance. if federal work study is not part of your financial aid award, you can still apply for the many job opportunities on or around the une campuses. fws funding is not available for students to use during the summer. please contact career services or (207) 602-2096 for more information regarding this process. as a first-time federal work-study student, you must complete employment forms before beginning work.