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that’s because they tend to have a longer “half-life,” which is the length of time the drug stays in your body. and if you’re “on call,” frequently getting up in the middle of the night for work or for a child, they might not work for you. the best person to answer that is your doctor, or a specialized sleep center if your struggles have left your doctor baffled. (but rozerem is also included in the fda’s list of drugs that should include a warning about unusual sleep behaviors.)

on the other hand, this pill could help you if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night a lot. the american academy of sleep medicine reviewed research on these sleep aids in 2006 and concluded that they may provide “modest, short-term benefits,” but “sufficient evidence does not exist to support over-the-counter sleep aids as an effective treatment for insomnia.” roth suggests that it’s time to start thinking about insomnia as a chronic disorder — which he notes that it is in at least 10% of the population — and treating it that way. “for people who have high cholesterol, you don’t just give them a drug to lower their cholesterol and that’s the end of it,” he says. national sleep foundation.

the objective of this study was to investigate the association between benzodiazepine use and sleep quality in residents of racfs. the management of sleep problems in residents of racfs is often multifaceted. the objective of this study was to investigate the association between benzodiazepine use and sleep quality in residents of racfs. of the 664 eligible residents in six racfs, 603 were invited to participate. regular use was defined as a documented regular sequence of administration in the resident’s chart. dementia severity was measured in residents with and without a dementia diagnosis with the dementia severity rating scale [22].

demographic characteristics of residents in racfs with lower and higher night-time sleep quality were similar (table 1). this was one of the first studies to investigate the association between benzodiazepines and sleep quality in racfs [27, 28]. the prevalence of benzodiazepine use amongst racf residents in our study was similar to previous australian and international studies [11, 29, 30]. demographic and diagnostic characteristics were similar among participants and non-participants, thus the study sample presented is likely representative of all residents in the racfs. the association between benzodiazepine use and sleep quality in residents of aged care facilities is dependent on the half-life and prescribing pattern of the benzodiazepine. te and lr assisted in the development and implementation of the study. sd standard deviation, iqr interquartile range sleep quality in users and non-users of benzodiazepines in australian residential aged care facilities.

the older classes of sleep medications, particularly the benzodiazepines — think valium and xanax — do more than just help you sleep. benzodiazepines are associated with modest improvements to sleep latency and longer sleep duration; however, they suppress deep sleep which side effects can persist for 8 to 12 hours, meaning you may actually feel more tired in the morning than you normally would (irony at its worst), related treatments, related treatments, related conditions.

although alprazolam, the active ingredient in xanax, will probably make you feel tired, it isn’t a good medication for treating insomnia. not only does it reduce the amount of time you’ll spend in deep sleep (causing you to function poorly the next day), but it’s also potentially addictive. this is a complicated question with an even more complicated answer. xanax was not designed as a sleep aid. instead, one of its side effects is yes, xanax will ultimately make you very sleepy, however, due to its short half-life, it is not as effective as other medications and has a high risk for in many cases, addressing an anxiety disorder can help you get better sleep. however, like other depressants, xanax can also directly facilitate, .

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