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year 3 naplan writing template is a year 3 naplan writing sample that gives infomration on year 3 naplan writing design and format. when designing year 3 naplan writing example, it is important to consider year 3 naplan writing template style, design, color and theme. the public demonstration site allows students to become familiar with the writing panel and editing tools that are available in the online writing test. imaginative texts are texts that involve the use of language to represent, recreate, shape and explore human experiences in real and imagined worlds. there is an equal possibility that the writing test will require students to write a response in the narrative or the persuasive genre. different writing prompts are used on different days of testing in order to ensure that there is no advantage to students undertaking the writing test later in the test window.

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school students and the community can visit the public demonstration site to become familiar with the question types and format of the online tests, and the editing tools that will be available to them in the online writing test. persuasive writing is marked in a way that closely parallels the marking of narrative writing. to get an idea of the formats that prompts may take, visit the public demonstration site (years 5, 7 and 9) or download the following example test prompts: scribes are only appropriate for students with disability who use a scribe for regular classroom assessment, and are only available for the naplan writing test. for the writing test, students with temporary injuries such as a broken arm will not normally be permitted to use a scribe. the different roles of a scribe and a naplan support person are set out in the naplan national protocols for test administration.

in the english learning area of the australian curriculum, students develop language and literacy skills and then apply these skills across a full range of learning areas. in the tests, students are provided with a range of texts that illustrate different writing styles. as there is a very wide range of reading ability levels at each school year level, the texts range from short and simple to longer and more complex. the australian curriculum: english requires students to be taught a variety of forms of writing. test administration authorities in each state and territory are responsible for the marking of the writing tests within their jurisdictions.

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the writing marking guides for both persuasive and narrative writing are below, with an example prompt. the conventions of language tests assess spelling, grammar and punctuation. these skills are essential to the development of reading and writing. the content of the tests complements the writing tests where spelling, grammar and punctuation are explicitly assessed in context. the numeracy tests contain multiple-choice, text entry and technology-enhanced questions such as drag-and-drop and hot-text. for the remainder of the test, calculators are permitted, even if they are not necessary to answer the questions.

curriculum-aligned resources are at your fingertips to help students get ready for naplan testing, including editing practice, narrative and persuasive powerpoints, naplan assessment rubrics for persuasive writing and narrative writing, and more. students will be facing these tests in march this year, and we understand that creates even more need to save your lesson planning time so you can work directly with your students. however, the test typically includes a range of questions designed to assess a student’s reading, writing, language convention knowledge (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and numeracy skills. for example, the year 3 naplan test includes reading comprehension questions that assess a student’s ability to understand and interpret texts, as well as writing tasks that require students to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

we do not advocate focusing solely on testing in the classroom — the goal of any primary teacher is to create a supportive and engaging learning environment for their students throughout the year. explore persuasive language with your students using this set of five persuasive texts on a variety of age-appropriate topics. explore persuasive language devices with your students using this detailed and age-appropriate slideshow perfect for your persuasive writing unit. explore persuasive device examples with your students using this digital game perfect for your persuasive writing lessons. use this persuasive devices worksheet to help your students create persuasive device examples based on a specific topic.